About Destination MO

Show-Me Publishing, Inc., the publishers of Ingram's Magazine, is in the process of launching our most exciting enterprise ever. The program we are delivering has no precedent in the state, no precedent anywhere.

We call the program "Destination Missouri". It represents the single most assertive, comprehensive and accessible economic and business development guide and attraction tool in the state - arguably in the nation.

Ultimately, every city of size throughout the state will have its own integrated web site. So will every county. So will the seven districts throughout the state with DestinationMissouri.com. These integrated websites will be consistent in style and technology and will have one primary, strategic mission; to encourage and drive investment and job creation in Kansas and to position its regions, counties and communities in an equitable way.

To order your copy of  Destination Missouri, please contact us at 816.842.9994 or email us at DestinationMissouri@ingramsonline.com to make your request. 

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